YAMAHA MARINE SYSTEMS COMPANY, INC. 1270 Chastain Road NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144-5586 (866) 894-1626 IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE January 25, 2023 If you own a boat fitted with an Integrated Helm Control unit (Bennett Marine model OBI9000E) to control electric trim tabs, or you sell these products, please read this important safety message. OBI9000E Integrated Control unit Affected Integrated Helm Control is used with BOLT Electric Trim Tabs Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Yamaha Marine Systems Company, Inc. has decided that a defect that relates to safety may exist in certain helm control units commonly used with BOLT Electric Trim Tabs. In affected helm control units, which are in a revision “A” lot, internal components may overheat during normal operation, which could result in damage to the control unit and surrounding areas. 

To correct this defect, Yamaha Marine Systems Company is initiating a Factory Modification Campaign (Recall). Affected OBI9000E Integrated Helm Control units must be inspected and, if found to be in the defective lot, replaced with revision “B” or newer OBI9000E units. NOTE: This recall campaign does not involve the equivalent control unit for hydraulic trim tabs (model OBI9000H). 

If you have an OBI9000E Integrated Helm Control unit, a simple test can be performed to help determine if it is affected (follow the instructions provided on the following page). If it is affected, or if you are not sure, please call your authorized Yamaha Marine Systems Company dealer to make a service appointment. The dealer will inspect your OBI9000E Integrated Helm Control unit and, if found to be in the defective lot, will replace it with a new one. There will be no charge to you for this procedure. 

You should not operate a boat with an affected Integrated Helm Control unit until this inspection and, if necessary, modification is performed. 

If you are unable to return to the dealer who sold you the helm control, this service will be performed by any authorized Yamaha Marine Systems Company dealer. If you need help locating a dealer or have any questions your dealer cannot answer, call Yamaha Marine Customer Support at 1-866-894-1626 or visit: https://bennetttrimtabs.com/find-a-dealer/